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About Us

Our Mission

To disrupt your daily commute in a good way.


We’re a new online commuter magazine and hub sent on a mission to deliver you snackable content you can chow down on during those dreary commutes. With everything from vibrant food recipes, travel inspiration, entertainment and cultural titbits and even a few fashion tips – our aim is to give you a break from the mundane, steer clear of ‘false news’ clogging the dailys and put the YOU back into commute.

As a Content Hub our need is to be as interactive as possible and put our readers at the heart of the Hub. Unlike other lounges our doors are always open, you can access our content day or night. We don’t mind if you even fall asleep in the lounge – we won’t ask you to leave!

All that’s left to say is… welcome to The Leisure Lounge.