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A wee Glasgow getaway

February 3, 2017

What would you expect from a wee break to Glasgow? Baltic weather, tartan clad clans and an Irn Bru overload?

All very good guesses, but among the rather obvious you’ll find a mix of impeccable restaurants, hidden urban bygones from a rich and intriguing history, and perhaps the friendliest people in the UK.

Here we share some must-see stops for any Glaswegian getaway as well as a funny phrase or two that you can adopt back home and confuse your mates with, check the guide at the bottom for clarification.

Tenement House

For a rare glimpse into the life of a 1920s Glaswegian, visit Tenement House. Just a short walk from the heart of the city and owned by the National Trust, it’s the perfect way to start your trip, giving you an insight into the fascinating life of the original owner, Miss Toward.

Don’t skip the reading downstairs, and make sure you have a go at guessing the old household items – there’s everything from early 20th century hair curlers to a china pee-pot!

Head upstairs and pull the golden doorbell to enter the astounding historic house. With restored gas lighting, original features and furnishings and even an unopened jar of homemade plum jam, you’ll feel like you’ve stepped into the past and you’ll certainly leave in awe of the place.

Ashton Lane

Fancy a swally? Searching for some scran? Whatever you’re craving, you’ll find it in the remarkably beautiful Ashton Lane near Hillhead subway.

Tucked away in the west end of Glasgow, this cute cobbled street is lined with flower and fairy light decorated restaurants and bars. Visited day or night, this picturesque place possesses a unique beauty that you’ll struggle to find elsewhere.

Belly full and want to relax? Don’t miss out on this must-see street – catch a film in the toaty two-screen cinema, it’s kitted out with luxury leather seating and sofas.

Two Fat Ladies

Want to sample Scottish culinary elegance? There’s no restaurant better than Two Fat Ladies at the Buttery to put a tick in this box.

In a rich mahogany setting with tartan upholstered seating, you’ll relish appealing appetizers, mouth-watering mains and desserts to die for. Contemplating a third course? You’re a long time dead! Try the irresistible cherry and almond tart, a winner for any sweet-toothed guest.

Ideal for special occasions, a perfectionist’s presentation, absolutely impeccable service and (of course) the delicious delights make this a truly unforgettable experience.

The Subway

Whether you’re exploring the city or just getting from A to B, the subway is something not to be missed. Compact three-carriage trains take you around the city in 15 short stops. Just don’t forget its less ‘mind the gap’ and more ‘mind your heid’!

Perhaps it’s not the first place you’d think of for a British getaway but surrounded by stunning scenery and packed full of quirky attractions, Glasgow is more than worthy of a position on any bucket list.

Word guide:
You’re a long time dead – in other words enjoy life!
Swally – an alcoholic beverage
Scran – food
Toaty – small
Heid – head

Image Credits
Clyde Arch – Giuseppe Milo
Tenement House – Glen Bowman
Ashton Lane – Jenny
Two Fat Ladies at The Buttery – STV News

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