All-time best films: the Classics

March 3, 2017

Popcorn at the ready, folks. With a gluttony of new-age classics having already been released in 2017, The Leisure Lounge thought we’d take a trip down memory lane and rekindle our love-affair with some of these all-time classics.

11 Wonders of the Waterpark World

February 13, 2017

Join The Leisure Lounge as we take you through this adrenaline-fuelled run down of some of the world’s finest waterpark wonders. Careen your way down our aquatic list of fun times.

Video: how to exit the office on a Friday

This is us leaving the office on a Friday! Seriously though, congratulations to Max Stockl and his team over at Red Bull on setting a new World Record for a fastest downhill speed

Video: quick-to-make American-style pancakes recipe

February 11, 2017

Easy. Fun to make. Great family activity. Yes you’d be flippin’ mad not to love pancakes. And, in anticipation of Shrove Tuesday, we’ve dug out a classic recipe from BBC Good Food.

Top tips for the perfect holiday selfie

February 10, 2017

No longer will you have to retake the same snap over and over again. With The Leisure Lounge’s top selfie tips you can turn that phot-oh no into a phot-oh yes! We’ve even shared our tops travel spots to snap them.

Video: classic scrambled eggs recipe

Jamie provides his own take on the British classic: scrambled eggs. He gives us his inimitable spin on the brunch staple, with English, French and American varieties to sample.

Video: Sweden’s brrr-illiant frozen hotel

February 8, 2017

Sweden, and Scandinavia as a whole, has always had a reputation of being a cool destination. Now there is a hotel bringing a whole new meaning to the word...

Video: Where Brits like to spend their summers

February 2, 2017

Ever wondered where us Brits like to spend our hard-earned holidays? Well, the lovely folks over at Skyscanner have imagined the UK as a nation of just 100 people.