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Autumn hair styles to inspire your new look

October 2, 2017

‘A woman who cuts her hair is about to change her life.’ – Coco Chanel

Coco knew what she was talking about. A brand new cut, a bold new colour, a beautiful blow dry, what better way to reinvent yourself?

And as much as we might not like to admit it, the seasons are changing, so embrace those exciting autumn trends with a daring new ‘do and distract yourself as the temperatures drop.

Damas y ombres

The ombre trend looks set to stay, and we think it’s the perfect balance when you’re after dramatic colour but battling with indecision.

Rich auburn roots that graduate to girly blonde is your failsafe ombre option, but don’t deviate too far from your natural hair colour. Own the look and go for black roots with fiery ends for a cool take on this contemporary colour combo, or lighten your ends up even more and play with pinks and purples for the ultimate wintry hair.

Top tip: colour chalks are an easy way to experiment without risking a dip-dye that’s definitely NSFW.

Bob cat

Long wavy locks might be most girls’ go-to for soaking up the sunshine and the surf, but salty dreadlocks soon get stale once the wintry gales set in.

Say goodbye to those untidy ends and brave it with a glossy bob. Not only will your hair feel a whole lot lighter, shoulder-length hair or shorter is a quick way to boost your natural volume.

Top tip: embrace the look with a full and chunky fringe – just make sure you invest in a good serum to smooth down any flyaways.


If you can’t bear to part with the length, or you’re blessed with a gravity-defying natural wave, flirt with a fringe instead.

Yes it requires a little more maintenance in the mornings, but it’s totally worth it for those seductive sideways glances. Ladies, frame your features with blunt bangs and change it up day to day.

Top tip: switch on the straighteners for a super sleek style, go big with bouncy curls or keep it low key and scrunch with a palm-full of product.

Loose ends

Keep those stragglers out of your face with a fashionable fish-tail plait for a grown-up take on this playground favourite.

If you’re not sure where to start with this baffling but beautiful style, we recommend checking out some YouTube tutorials. Straighten your hair first if you’re after a more polished result or embrace a messier look.

Top tip: complete with a few ends poking out for a fresh seasonal vibe.

Copper feel

Take inspiration from those autumnal hues and explore a rich shade of red for tresses guaranteed to stop the traffic. Copper tones range from bright reds and oranges to more subtle blonde-based shades and classic auburn.

Keep your colour fresh and bright to avoid looking like a washed-up 90s soap star and deep condition regularly for healthy, moisture-drenched hair.

Top tip: pair with next season’s loose-fit black layers or liven up a neutral wardrobe with a racy red ‘do.

Still stuck for ideas? Book an appointment and ask for a consultation with your stylist to talk through anything you’re uncertain about and listen to their opinion – they should know what they’re doing!

Arm yourself with a few magazines and always consider your face shape before going for the chop to be sure your new ‘do will flatter rather than fatten.

And just remember, it will grow back.


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