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Beat excess baggage charges with this ultimate travel hack

November 10, 2017

For years the crushing monopoly of airlines the world over have been holding us to ransom over our luggage and how much we need to pay in excess baggage charges to transport our belongings from one destination to another. Well that is all about to change.

No longer will we have to feel the pinch of only being allowed a carry-on bag the size of a shoebox. This alternative to paying exorbitant excess baggage charges saves on both space and money…

There seems to be a something a little anarchic about it all, too. Screw the system, and all that! There is, however, an underlying beauty to this genius idea too. For now, the stranglehold of excess baggage charges is waning and we’re here to share with you the excellent – and in most cases, pretty stylish – answer.

Ladies and gentlemen, presenting: wearable luggage. Brilliant, we know.

For your added benefit we’ve given each jacket a score out of 20 – which awards a maximum of 5 points for each category out of; capacity, price, style and practicality.

Clothing Arts Cubed Travel Jacket

From the makers of the apparel that put Fagan out of business (with their pickpocket proof adventure travel pants) we present Clothing Arts latest invention – The Cubed Travel Jacket.

This stylish take on wearable luggage has proved popular in the market since its launch – despite the price tag of upwards of £300. The jacket showcases new patented membrane technology that makes it the most advanced waterproof, windproof and breathable jacket on the market – all while keeping your prized possessions safe and dry.

It comes with two exterior pockets, four interior pockets and two sleek in/out pockets giving ample room for cargo. The Cubed Travel Jacket has been specially designed for life on-the-go and is lightweight and durable, making it perfect for travelling.

Score:    14


Discerning business travellers will be keen to add this to their wardrobe staples. Its smart appearance doesn’t detract from you making a suitable impression if you’re off on business and from a practicality perspective the SCOTTeVEST Sport Coat ticks all the boxes.

There are a staggering 23 pockets to give your debonair look that secret spy feel. With separate spaces for your tablet, wallet, shades even a quick-access pouch for your smartphone this really is the business jacket of the future – you can truly be a businessman or woman on-the-go.

From a style aspect there’s not much you couldn’t pair this jacket with. Go all out professional with a smart shirt and trousers or rock dress down Friday with a pair of jeans and smart trainers. A slight drawback is the price, you’re looking just north of £200 but as an investment and a totally cool piece of kit it’ll be worth the indulgence.

Score: 15


The Jaktogo kind of sounds like the latest bizarre fast food craze but in actual fact it is the name of a new breed of apparel that can pack in a lot more than a tepid meal with congealed rice. Designed initially as a bag, before being converted into a jacket so you save the money on luggage, the Jaktogo is reminiscent of an Inspector Gadget overcoat or something Q would wrap 007 up in before boarding his private jet. Bet he has no luggage restrictions. Bloody Bond! Sorry, got a little carried away there.

Anyway the Jaktogo has enough pockets to pack a week’s worth of stuff. No, seriously. There are 14 to be exact so in terms of our capacity test it probably definitely comes out on top. Alas, that’s where the benefits start to falter as converting the Jaktogo to a full jacket is about as easy getting your Nan to convert a video to DVD.

In terms of style you’ll be winning no prizes for ‘best-dressed flyer’ we’re afraid. The Jaktogo actually makes you look like you’ve donned a bin liner and forgot to empty it, but at £65 it is one of the more economical pieces of wearable luggage on the market.

Score: 17

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Stuffa Jacket

This jacket really is the stuffa the future (sorry!). Unlike the other entries the Stuffa Jacket is seen as an accomplice to a carry-on bag rather than a replacement but a fine accomplice it is. With 12 pockets concealed in the lining this bodywarmer (or gilet if you’re out to impress) can incredibly hold up to 5kg of clothing! That’s a lot of weight saved from your hand luggage. In a very thoughtful move the designers even included 2 external pockets so you can keep items like your phone, passport and tickets handy.

In addition to the decent amount of space the style of this bodywarmer means you could get away with wearing this in everyday life and not just in an airport terminal – it’s even available in two colours! The price of £85 certainly adds to the appeal as it comes in a lot cheaper than most other options on out there.

Score: 19

Rufus Roo

At just £29.95 the Rufus Roo is by far the most affordable entry and given the cost of checking in an extra bag can reach double that, you’re saving money from the start.

Unlike the Stuffa Jacket though, the aesthetics leave a lot to be desired. In fact, the manufacturer’s recommend buying a size up to maximise storage potential which leaves you with an oversized, baggy waistcoat type garment that won’t be winning any fashion shows. But who cares when you’re using it to cut costs on carry-on luggage, right?

From a capacity perspective the four large deep pockets cram a lot of stuff in them and you still have space left with two smaller pockets for things like shoes, toiletries, books and even your laptop. The makers of the Rufus Roo say you can carry up to 10kg worth of gear – which is the max carry-on limit for a lot of airlines, meaning you can effectively double the amount you bring on board.

Score: 18

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