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What’s on the menu wardrobe-wise, gents?

February 1, 2017

The longer days of summer give lots more opportunities for eating out. Which we think is obviously a good thing. However, along with summer scoffing comes the all-too-tricky question of raiding the wardrobe for what to wear?

Whether you need to shine at a summery soirée, look handsome on holiday or feel like a boss while beachside, you could do worse than take a few tips from our wardrobe menu of sartorial style.


As any chef worth their salt will tell you, it’s really all about the basic ingredients. Let’s kick off with fruity footwear and juicy jackets.

Footwear: lightweight suede brogues, boat shoes, leather sandals or all-white trainers.

Jackets: a nice navy or khaki bomber jacket is versatile enough for warmer days or the unpredictable British summer and pairs easily with a nice shirt or patterned t-shirt.


Though it’s not spoken of very often, what most fellas really want from their fashion is comfort – pure and simple. And that’s not to be underrated – if you’re comfy in your clobber, you’ll look relaxed. And there’s nothing more appealing or attractive than someone who looks at ease in their skin.

Who was it that said, “A smile is the best thing you can wear”? (Probably your Mum – and she always knows best.)

So yes, of course it’s important to look good (and dress appropriately for the occasion, gents), but it’s just as vital that you feel good in it too. Which brings us to tasty trousers, scrumptious shirts and sweet shorts.

Trousers: if it’s hot, jeans are a no-no. This summer get your pins into wide-leg cuts, checks, or the new, softer cargo trousers.

Shirts: printed T-shirts (with carefully chosen image – maybe not that ‘hilarious’ slogan), collarless chambrays, or classic checked long-sleeve cotton poplin.

Shorts: if you’re sitting down to eat somewhere with tablecloths, it’s probably best that your legs are covered up too. But otherwise, these days – thankfully – shorts are acceptable just about everywhere. This season, even cash shorts are tailored enough to be seen in polite company. Just make sure your legs are up to the exposure.


Accessories – very important – after all it’s the little things that count, right? So choose wisely.

Wrists: if you’re going to carry on wearing that festival wristband, make sure it’s one of the right ones. And even then, that it doesn’t still have that lingering eau de festival.

A watch is more than a timepiece and tells more than just the time. Chunky or discreetly chic is up to you – just be careful your bling doesn’t try to outshine the sun.

Ankles: socks or not? It really all depends on whether your ankles are worthy of public viewing. And if they’re best kept under wraps at all times, a pair of cool cotton socks in summery shades will suffice. But if you’re planning on getting your ankles out, then please, please, please make sure your no-show socks are actually not showing.


Heads: even for serious sun-worshippers, a hat is a vital addition when the sun’s out. Straw panamas or fedoras, 90s-style bucket hats, or even a flat cap (now available in smart shades and cool linen) are all in. Jaunty angle or jammed on over the eyes, if you want to get ahead, get a hat.

So there you have it – a little appetiser on appearance. Just remember, as with food, fashion is all about personal taste.

Bon appétit!

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