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Nice Buns! 5 Fun Burger Toppings To Try At Home

February 2, 2017

These days it seems that everywhere you turn, foodies are raving about good old American grub. Whether it’s a pop-up rib shack or a magazine feature on soul food, but that doesn’t mean that the classic burger has taken a back seat to lesser known taste trends.

In fact, over the past few years the sandwich has been reinvented, undergoing a gourmet revolution with a whole new range of fancy toppings and flavours.

And while you might like to head out to try something a bit special, there’s no reason why you can’t pimp your patty as home, too.

Say cheese














Ok, so it’s nothing new that burgers taste bloomin’ delicious with a bit of cheese thrown on top. But why stick to your bog standard cheddar? Try experimenting with bolder flavours like blue cheese or gorgonzola for something a little more decadent.

Alternatively, if beef’s not your thing, try a chicken burger with brie and cranberry or a classic Mediterranean lamb and halloumi burger. Veggies needn’t miss out either – simply replace the meat with some gooey goats’ cheese served with rocket and caramelised red onion.

Double trouble

Strictly for meat lovers, recent foodie trends have seen heavyweights adding an extra portion of the good stuff into their already big buns. Ditch the typical bacon and opt for something a bit different to really give your main course a kick. Delicious additions include BBQ pulled pork or a slice of smoky, aged beef brisket. Or why not try adding spicy prawns onto an otherwise boring fish burger?

Holy guacamole

Steer clear of your usual burrito and give your sandwich a Mexican twist with a great selection of toppings. Spice worshippers can add jalapenos and chilli, while those after something a little cooler can opt for a creamy guacamole with sour cream and cheese. Meat-free food lovers can also replace the patty with a tasty and truly authentic bean burger.

Killer kiwi

While the odd flavour combos might seem a little strange at first, native New Zealanders swear by this slightly unusual mish-mash of ingredients. Take your beef patty and on top of your regular lettuce, cheese and tomato, you’ll also need to add beetroot and a fried egg. Then squeeze on a little ketchup and mustard and away you go. I’d advise keeping a few napkins handy for those of you who like your eggs extra runny!

Eastern promise

Asian flavours make a great alternative to your average toppings, and the list of things to try is almost endless. My favourite has to be a satay burger, complete with the classic peanut-style sauce. Either buy ready-made or check out one of the many recipes online if you want to try making your own. Then substitute your usual lettuce for a creamy slaw with cabbage, carrot and cucumbers combined with mayo. You can even dip your chips in sweet chilli to keep the eastern theme throughout.

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