Video: how to exit the office on a Friday

February 13, 2017

This is us leaving the office on a Friday! Seriously though, congratulations to Max Stockl and his team over at Red Bull on setting a new World Record for a fastest downhill speed

Top tips for the perfect holiday selfie

February 10, 2017

No longer will you have to retake the same snap over and over again. With The Leisure Lounge’s top selfie tips you can turn that phot-oh no into a phot-oh yes! We’ve even shared our tops travel spots to snap them.

Book club: Travel Fiction

There’s something very satisfying about jetting off on your hols with a good book to devour on the beach or when lazing by the pool.

Jetsetter-style travel fashion

Wherever you’re jetting off to in 2017 make sure your fashion sense doesn’t get left in cargo. With tips on luggage and what to wear when travelling, we’ve got some simple hints to make any trip you take as comfortable and stylish as possible.

A guide to brilliant Berlin

February 9, 2017

Looking to tear down the German stereotype, quintessentially cool Berlin is high up on The Leisure Lounge’s recommendations for a European getaway. Dip into this cultural guide to one of the continent’s most thriving cities.

Video: Sweden’s brrr-illiant frozen hotel

February 8, 2017

Sweden, and Scandinavia as a whole, has always had a reputation of being a cool destination. Now there is a hotel bringing a whole new meaning to the word...

Discover a new destination in 2017

If 2017 has taught us anything so far in its infancy it’s that this year will be a year of seismic change. With that in mind, we delved into some of the more inimitable places to choose as your next holiday destination.

Beyond the beaches of Barcelona

February 3, 2017

Gaze at Gaudi’s architecture, ramble down Las Ramblas or revel in Raval. From upbeat districts to urban haunts see a hip side to Barcelona that is only bested by its glorious beaches.