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5 apps that will make you a better version of you

May 4, 2017

If, like us, you’ve made resolutions to shift that wine waist (or beer belly, chaps) and get into shape or decided to give your mind some much-needed exercise, it can be a minefield knowing where to start. The Leisure Lounge is here to run through five top apps to help get you on track. Just think of it as motivation on your mobile phone…


Food diary apps make it harder to hide from that half a pack of chocolate biscuits you’ve just scoffed. With MyFitnessPal, all you have to do is set your daily calorie goal and log your food and exercise, so it’s easy to see both calories in and out. There are thousands of foods to choose from, both generic and restaurant options, making it simple to stay on track (as long you remember to log everything!)

Free for iPhone, Android and Windows


The sofa looks more inviting than ever when nights are long. If you can tear yourself away for a run, make TempoRun your jogging partner du jour. Designed for runners; this motivational music app lets you sort your tunes by tempo. Simply rate tracks on a scale of 1 to 10 (think one for a slow walk and 10 for a sprint) and you can listen to music perfectly timed for your run. Brilliant.

Free for iPhone

Nike Training Club

As fitness apps go, Nike Training Club is the business. Whether you want to get lean, strong, or toned, there are over 100 workouts, inspired by Nike Master Trainers and athletes. Just download and customise the ones needed to target specific areas and you’re good to go. Even better, you can bring the studio vibe into your lounge and stream workouts from your phone to a TV with a HDMI cable.

Free for iPhone and Android

Pocket Yoga

If you’re looking to perfect your downward facing dog in 2017, then it’s time to get Zen with Pocket Yoga. This low-impact exercise helps to build muscle strength, perfect your posture and is oh-so easy to practice at home (as long as you have a mat). If you’re a beginner, this handy app helps you learn the poses with a pose dictionary, containing detailed explanations. There are also sessions of varying duration and difficulty, so you can put those poses into practice!

£2.99 for iPhone, £2.51 for Android


It’s hard to find motivation to exercise and eat healthily if you wake up feeling more Shaun of the Dead than fitness fanatic. Luckily, SleepBot is on hand to help you get the best night’s sleep possible. With the sleep cycle tracker, an intuitive alarm will gently wake you each morning and soothing soundtracks will help you to drift off – it’s a dream for those who struggle to count the zzzz’s.

Free for iPhone and Android

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