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Top family films for a lazy weekend

September 23, 2017

Nothing brings a family together quite like a great movie. With the cold weather creeping in what could be better than cosying up by a warm fire (or heater) and spending an evening filled with laughter?

Toy Story

Loved by children and adults alike, Toy Story is one film that will always remain a classic. When Woody, a good-hearted cowboy doll sees his owner Andy grow attached to his new arrogant space action-figure ‘Buzz Lightyear’, he thinks his future with Andy is over.  Even worse, the family is moving home and Buzz and Woody are left in the hands of their malicious neighbour ‘Sid’. How will they escape? And could this unlikely duo find a way to reunite with their precious owner?

The Boss Baby

Upon the arrival of his new baby brother, the wildly imaginative Tim Templeton is sure his brother is out to destroy his relationship with his parents and must be exposed. When he discovers that his baby brother is actually a secret spy on a mission to save babies around the world, they must put their differences aside and join forces to help thwart a dastardly plot that could ruin life as we know it.

Home Alone

When naughty Kevin McCallister misbehaves and is sent to sleep in the attic the night before a family holiday, he is mistakenly forgotten and wakes up to an empty home. To make matters worse, two con-men are planning to rob the McCallister residence and Kevin must find a way to protect his family home. This Christmas movie is ideal for families looking for a laugh during the gloomy weather.


At 5 years old Saroo gets lost on a train which takes him thousands of miles away from India, his home, and family. 25 years after being found and adopted by an Australian couple and with only a handful of memories, he is determined to find his real home and family. This movie will pull on all your heartstrings with its incredible story line that is sure to bring your family together.


In a world filled with working animals, from the largest elephant, to a small mouse, Judy Hopps a small rabbit joins the police force. She quickly learns the difficulty someone her size has at enforcing laws but is determined to improve. When a mysterious case of a missing otter comes to light, she is quick to take on the case. Working alongside Nick Wilde a wily fox, she must uncover all the secrets hidden over their city of Zootopia. This movie will have you laughing, crying, and on the edge of your seat.

The Jungle Book (2016)

This loved family favourite is back and in live action. Raised by wolves since his birth, Mowgli must leave his home on Shere Khan’s orders. Guided by a straight-forward panther and free spirited bear, the young boy comes across many animals who are more than they appear. Learning valuable life lessons on his journey, Mowgli has an adventure he will never forget.

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