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5 essentials for any luxury Glamping trip

February 3, 2017

With summer just around the corner, glamping getaways are set to beckon holidaymakers from all over the UK.

From yurts and treehouses to log cabins and wigwams, glamorous camping, or glamping, is perfect for those seeking nights beneath the stars in boutique accommodation.

To ensure your jaunt into the great outdoors is one to remember, we’ve pulled together this summer’s list of glamping essentials you won’t want to leave home without.

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Wise to the weather

Strategically planning a holiday wardrobe is by no means an easy feat, particularly for a glamping trip at the mercy of the fickle whims of the great British summer. In addition to your trusty wellies, a stylish pack-a-mac, now available in most high street stores, is a great way to prepare for those sudden showers. Fight off the evening chill with fingerless cashmere gloves – the perfect choice for clasping a mug of cocoa around the campfire.

Bring layers and versatile items that can accomplish more than one task so you can make the most of your space and be prepared for all extremities of weather wherever you go.

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For example, a few Hammamas, which are a trendy take on traditional Turkish bath towels, can double as picnic blankets, tablecloths, and cosy shawls or swimming cover-ups – in addition to being lightweight and absorbent towels.

Glamping ground rule: For adventures away from the campsite, pack a portable rucksack with a change of outfit and essentials such as a torch, sun cream, map or camera.

Let there be light

Whilst many glamping sites offer beautifully crafted lighting concepts using quaint lanterns, unique chandeliers and delicate fairy lights, it’s always worth packing a torch.

This doesn’t have to be a traditional hand-held spotlight; key-ring lights are a handy addition should you need to see to open a drink, tuck into a midnight snack, or locate something inside your accommodation when everyone else is asleep.

A head torch is a useful hands-free option that helps you easily locate the desired item in your rucksack, whilst keeping a lookout for nocturnal wildlife and negotiating your way in the dark – for a green alternative, light up the world without batteries with a wind-up torch.

Glamping ground rule: Illuminate your experience your own way with battery-powered string lights, which can be hung stylishly around the room, creating a pleasant glow and ambience around the place. Contrastingly, if you’re a stickler for style, decorate the outdoors with tea light chandeliers. Lanterns are also brilliant for creating a cosy glow in the evening. Lastly, a few citronella candles can do wonders for keeping creepy-crawlies at bay.

Turn the page

When night falls, unwind and embrace your natural surroundings with a riveting page-turner inspired by the great outdoors.

Read ‘Into the Wild’, a moving and harrowing non-fiction account of a young American man who stepped off the beaten track after graduating from college and plunged into the wilderness in search of adventure.

Combine romance and nature with ‘Prodigal Summer’, Barbara Kingsolver’s novel of three intertwining love stories set in the Appalachian Mountains of the US. Perhaps you’d rather tell a story than read one.

If that’s the case, prep ahead of time with the master of ghost stories, MR James – said to have been a major influence on Stephen King. Brush up on a few of the bone-chilling tales in ‘Collected Ghost Stories’ and be prepared to terrify your friends when it comes to swapping spooky stories around the campfire – particularly effective if you’re in the middle of the woods…

Glamping ground rule: Classic board games like Articulate and Scrabble™ can add an intellectual air to your evenings, or go for goofy hilarity with the interactive fill-in-the-blank fun of Mad Libs.

X marks the spot

No glamping experience is complete without a map on hand; ready to guide you to the geographical treasures surrounding your retreat. A paper map that folds away is ideal for marking up routes when planning a day of walking or sightseeing.

Alternatively, why not try creating your own bespoke map ahead of your trip with all the locations you’d love to visit? Sites such as ZeeMaps enable you to collaboratively construct maps, or you can create a special place board on Pinterest with friends, so you and your glamping team can plan and pin activities to do whilst you’re away.

Glamping ground rule: Map the mysteries of the incredible night sky stretching above you. By peering through your iPhone with a stargazing app like Star Walk – 5 Stars Astronomy Guide, you can identify and explore the constellations twinkling in the distance.

Fast food al fresco

From barbeque grills to pots and pans, many glamping sites will provide the equipment you need for the perfect outdoor banquet. If you choose self-catering, plan campsite-friendly meals that are easy to plate up with minimum preparation required. The Classic Camping Cookbook & Meal Planner app can make this a snap by helping you search by equipment available, meal type, and ingredients.

For an excellent collection of one-pan wonders and innovative but easy ideas, BBC Good Food has some inspiring and delicious options. Our favourites include the hearty cowboy chicken and bean stew and the clever take on toasted marshmallows, which encourages you to add your own twist by creating skewers with hulled strawberries and drizzled with salted caramel. Delicious.

Glamping ground rule: Fresh air makes everything taste amazing – for impromptu picnics away from camp, go for simple cheese plates with fresh fruit, soft bread and lightly chilled wine. Pack it all in a pop-up cooler – a lightweight and portable option that you can easily collapse and store when not in use.

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